How to grind grater for vegetables, very fast

The article shows step by step, with photos, how to independently and very easily grind the cutting surface of a grater with an ordinary drill, and most importantly quickly, if you do not disassemble it like me.

Any grater for vegetables during operation, over time, loses its cutting properties. The sharp edges that turn vegetables into minced meat or delicately cut strips become dull and torment begins. This is easy to fix, and below I will tell you how. Almost all graters are made on the same principle, and this instruction will be applicable practically to any type of grater.

Not very long ago, my wife bought a pretty such a little grinder for vegetables of not very large sizes and, as often happens, put her purchase in a closet. In appearance, everything is in order.

Then, when it was necessary to grate vegetables, she took it, tried to use it for its intended purpose and was disappointed with this seemingly high-quality thing. She did not want to fulfill her functions. I examined it and found that the cutting edges on the grater are completely dull. German quality is written, but how often this happens is apparently made by our neighbors from China. Whether you want it or not, you need to sharpen it. But before sharpening, I decided to disassemble it, for better sharpening. Understands elementary and the photographs show how to do this. The main thing is not to rush and do everything carefully, with feeling, with sense, with arrangement.

That's the hero of the occasion who does not want to work the drum.

In order to disassemble the sharpening drum, you need to remove the snap ring from the latches. Be careful not to break them. Gently pull the drum to the left, as in the photo.

We measure the diameter of the holes, I got 2.5 mm, we take the same drill, preferably a very good and new one. We insert it into a screwdriver, drill, drill, etc. The main thing is that there should be as many revolutions as possible and at a large angle, as in the photo, we drill all the holes. Very sharp edges are obtained. Q.E.D.

If desired, these sharp edges can be made even sharper if you use all the holes to drill through the drill and diamond drill, but this is optional. And from very sharp edges you can injure your hands. The method of undercutting with a diamond boron can be used constantly, if you do not allow a strong blunting of the cutting edges of the vegetable cutter.

This method can grind most vegetable graters. It is only necessary to select drills according to the diameter of the holes, since graters are different.

Tests on vegetables have shown that the method works great.

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