How to restore a hatchet with hot glue

With the frequent use of the ax to chop wood, his ax begins to break. In the eye, the wood rots, from which the ax loosens and a wedge falls out of it. As a result, the ax flies, so before chopping firewood it is necessary to soak it in water for several hours to swell the tree. There is a way to solve such problems, after which the ax will have to be repaired only in the event of an ax fracture, but not earlier.


  • thick sheet steel;

  • glue gun rods;

  • baking soda.

Finalization of the ax and ax

First of all, you need to file an old shriveled ax so that it does not go beyond the eye line.

Next, the axle eye on the side of driving in the wedge must be hermetically sealed with a plate of thick sheet steel.

Thin metal will not work, because it just breaks when you hit the logs.

The part of the rotten and broken hatchet removed from the eye must be tinned with hot-melt adhesive. The wood should be soaked well to close its pores and stop further damage. The better it is done, the tighter the ax will be held in the butt and will last longer.

The cutout for the wedge at the end of the ax should also be filled with hot glue. Given the scale, all work is best done with a hair dryer, rather than with a glue gun.

Next, in the bowl obtained from the ax, you need to lay the chopped hot-melt adhesive rods and melt them with a hairdryer or burner.

Once they become liquid, a tablespoon of baking soda is added to the composition.

By mixing hot glue and soda, you can get a very durable plastic. When mixing, it is important to continue heating, as the composition cools quickly.

As soon as the glue becomes sufficiently liquid again, an ax is inserted into the ax. If the excess composition was squeezed out, then everything was done correctly and it was enough to fill all the cavities.

After hardening, you can cut the spilled excess composition manually or using a grinder that will be faster.

Treat the hatchet with linseed oil or oil.

Sharpen the point manually or again using the same angle grinder.

Paint the ax.

At first glance, the method is impractical and it seems that a new hatchet will be the best solution, but the use of hot glue eliminates the further drying out of the tree, falling out of wedges, and the ax itself.

The ax set in this way will not need to be filled, while the price of the issue is in one electrode, a piece of metal and the packaging of the rods for the glue gun. If there is a need to disassemble the structure, then you just need to heat it.