Car feeder

If you are tired of constantly walking and feeding your poultry, then this homemade product is for you. This car feeder or car feeder will save you from frequent trips for grain. You will need to simultaneously fill in the required amount of grain in this device and your livestock will be able to feed for several days without your help. Everything again depends on the number of your pets.

Materials, tool

I took a 3 inch tube of PVC, 2 or 4 inch pipes of course will also be.

So what you need:

  • -Three inches pipe diameter: 50 cm long. Or more. Or less.

  • - Three inches pipe diameter: 15 cm long

  • Three inches pipe diameter: 8 cm long

  • - 45 degrees "Y" is a tee.

  • -Two three inch PVC covers.


  • -Hacksaw.

  • -Glue for PVC pipes.

    Auto feeder assembly

    The design is incredibly simple, does not contain expensive elements.

    Collect from the picture, then glue everything together.

    In general, such a design can be assembled without glue - it does not carry any load.

    Finished construction

    Remove the top cover for pouring through the funnel and invite your birds to sample)

    At night and before the rain, if the feeder is located on the street, you can cover the feed opening with a lid so that the grain is not damp or wet.

    Now you can stop approaching birds all day or more. With the help of this simple device, they will eat on their own.