How to increase the antenna power

Hello friends! Today I will show you how to increase the range of your Wi-Fi or 3G whip antenna. This method cannot be called standard or classic, it is a discharge design - crazy hands. Yes, to be honest, I don’t even know how exactly my device works ... But it works!

What do you need for homemade?

  • The whip antenna itself, with an extension cord.

  • A plastic jar of cotton buds or another.

  • Aluminium foil.

  • Glue of type Moment.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • Yardstick.

  • Scissors.

    Making devices to increase the antenna power

    First of all, measure the diameter of the antenna, with a ruler or, as in my case, with a caliper.

    For this diameter, we make a hole in the center of the jar from the sticks.

    I poked the hole with scissors, I didn’t get it very neatly. I hope you will get better if you suddenly want to repeat my craft.

    Then we take aluminum foil and cut a strip across the width of the plastic jar.

    And insert this segment inside.

    To hold the foil, you need to put it on the glue.

    We dress the resulting design on the antenna. See the photo.

    And so that everything does not fly off, we fix it with hot glue.

    Testing and Result

    Naturally, space results should not be expected. But if you have receiving objects with a very weak signal, then they will now become more accessible. My antenna level nest consists of five divisions, on average, one stick was added to each receiving point. And I think this is a great result.

    I thought for a long time because of what the signal amplifies. And it seems to me that this is due to the fact that the foil forms a closed loop - a vibrator. And he, in view of its large area, increases the area of ​​reception and transmission of the signal.

    If you have thoughts on this subject - write in the comment, it will be very interesting for me to know your opinion! Thanks to all!