Loaf crackers in 15 minutes

There is no excuse that store crackers should not be tastier. This is because at home they are tastier and healthier. You can change the taste and degree of salinity depending on your own preferences. Even a drying loaf can be transformed into delicious homemade crackers.

The recipe for homemade crackers is as follows:

  • - half a white loaf;

  • - 2 teaspoons of seasoning;

  • - 0.5-1 teaspoon of fine Himalayan salt;

  • - 40 ml of vegetable oil.

Delicious crackers are made at home in this way:

1. Cut the loaf first into slices, then cut into straws. For those who have a lot of time, they can come up with other crack forms (circles, ovals).

2. Put seasoning in a tight bag.

3. Pour salt there.

4. Pour oil.

5. Now this spicy “bath” for crackers is ready.

6. Pour the whole sliced ​​loaf into a bag.

7. Close the package. Mix the spiced butter mass with the bread slices. Salt and seasoning should be distributed over the surface of the loaf slices.

8. In the oven in convection mode, put a baking sheet with future crackers. After 15 minutes they will dry and be ready. Crunch in pleasure!