Patterned ceiling light

Each of you can make a simple and amazingly beautiful LED ceiling lamp with a beautiful pattern. To do this, you will not need as much as it usually seems, but the result will exceed all expectations. Your house will immediately take on a different look, and be filled with fabulous comfort.

Necessary materials

  • Wood (bars or slats) for the frame.

  • LED Strip Light:

    - If you take pure white, then I recommend taking - LED strip 220 V.

    - And if you take color, then take it - LED strip RGB .

  • Tracing paper or other film or paper. You can even take ordinary office white paper.

  • Bracket used for ease of assembly.

  • The stapler is furniture.

  • Glue for the tree.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • White and paint for decoration.

The mistakes I made at the beginning

Friends, when repeating my lamp, it is advisable to take into account my mistakes made earlier so as not to redo the lamp several times later:

  • - Do not use only wood glue, without steel brackets. The design is not durable.

  • - Do not use too thin slats for the frame - the result is the same - the whole structure will turn flimsy.

  • - Do not stick tracing paper only in the corners, without gluing the entire perimeter.

  • - Do not put tracing paper on hot glue, this is also not permissible.

Create a cover with a pattern for the lamp

I bought a bunch of square wooden battens at a local hardware store and cut them. I did not have any specially designed design.

Tip 1: These racks in the frame can simply be installed and secured with a stapler.

Tip 2: Do not over tighten the corner clamps; this will distort the frame. Everything should be within normal limits.

Glue tracing paper

In order to make a good and matte light, you need to use something like tracing paper or frosted glass. I recommend you choose a denser and more ductile material. Here, even white fabric may come up, but over time, it may give yellowness.

Let's make the frame of the LED lamp

With the front, front frame with a pattern I finished. It's time to build the lamp frame itself, inside which the LED strip will be attached.

I did it all from a wide wooden battens. After construction - glue the LED strip.

We install the lamp and enjoy the result

How to hang a lamp, I think, it will be clear to you. This can be done on the brackets and on the metal corners ... It all depends on what material you have to fasten.

I really enjoy this lamp. Its smooth and relaxed glow ... He always reassures me after a hard day's work.

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