Saw Blade

This cleaver was designed and manufactured for use in hiking. It is useful to chop branches, or to carve some shrubbery, tree branches, etc.

What do you need


  • Old saw on wood.

  • Rope (2.5-3 m.).


  • Bulgarian.

  • Ruler.

  • Pencils.

  • Sandpaper. etc.

Let's start making the cleaver

To begin with, I drew here such an uncomplicated drawing of a future cleaver that anyone can make for themselves. Now I will show you how to do it. The thickness of the metal can be taken thicker, but I did not find one.

For example, the length of the handle should be the length of your eight fingers.

The width of the handle should correspond to the thickness of two fingers.

The length of the blade, from the tip to the beginning of the handle should be in length from your clenched fist to the elbow.

The width from the beginning of the fillet to the tip should be 10 cm, like your palm.

At the end of the handle, we make such a protrusion, as in the photo.

And we begin to cut the grinder according to our drawing, observing safety precautions.

As a result, we got here such a workpiece, already almost looking like a cleaver.

From our workpiece we remove all burrs along the entire contour, in the flesh to small protrusions.

I put a thicker disc on the grinder and cleaned the cleaver from one side and the other. This is best done with a grinder.

In the end, this is what should happen.

We turn almost to the main process, this is a sharpening. You need to sharpen at an angle of 25 degrees, on one side and the other. This is best done with a special machine.

Here's what I got. Do not judge strictly, I am doing this for the first time.

You need to sharpen NOT to the hilt itself, but only just backing off 2 cm., As in the photo.

I took a fine emery cloth and finally cleaned our cleaver, almost to a shine. You can also polish to an elegant sheen on a special machine.

Somehow it should be so.

As a handle, I use a small piece of cord, two meters long.

Here is the process of winding the cord on the handle. To begin with, let's fold it this way, as in the photo, this one is needed to thicken the handle.

On the other hand, we do the same, by the end of the handle, such a loop should form as in the photo.

We begin to wind the cord, turn to turn, you can first moisten the cord itself, and when it dries, it somehow stretches.

When the cord is already wound, we pass it into the loop, and we make one turn.

And also thread into the second loop. And tighten.

The remaining loop needs to be tightened very tightly, I did it with the key. When we tighten the loop, our cord handle will very “sit” on the handle.

The remaining cord can be knotted, or make some kind of holder.

As a result, we got such a cleaver from an old saw. It is good to chop shrubs, small twigs with this tool, as well as cut fish, meat, etc.