Origami pyramid - do-it-yourself model from a dollar bill

The small pyramid is a kind of talisman that draws silence, luck and financial prosperity to the house. And if this pyramid is made of real money, then bills will be attracted to it, as if with a magnet. You can make a small figure with your own hands using the manigami technique. Introducing the step-by-step guide to creating a small souvenir. The resulting pyramid will be tetrahedral. To begin with, we will conduct a kind of geometry lesson, imagine what kind of figure should turn out, how many sides it will have, angles, how they will be located relative to the central axis. Further, a geometry lesson is compatible with creativity useful for the development of motor skills.

Material for doing manigami crafts is just one bill.

Pyramid modeling steps

1. Bend a rectangular bill from a horizontal position vertically clearly in the center.

2. Fold the resulting workpiece, which now approaches the square, again horizontally clearly centered.

3. Rotate the rectangle vertically, the blank side should be on the left. Insert your finger under the top layer paper, press it to the top. Turn the top to the left, highlighting an isosceles triangle.

4. Fold the top layer of paper from left to right. You should get a workpiece with a beveled upper right corner.

5. On the opposite side, also make an isosceles triangle.

6. Again, return the top layer to its original position, turning over part of the bill from right to left. The resulting blank will look like a house.

7. Lift the lower part upward at a certain angle (only the upper part of the bill).

8. Having drawn the bend line, lower the excess process down again and move it under the top layer of paper.

9. Fold the opposite part of the bill in the same way, guided strictly by the line outlined by the previous folding.

10. Both lower sides of the former house should be hidden inside a multi-layer triangle.

11. Use your fingers to open the resulting workpiece.

12. Spread the paper in different directions with your fingers, make a new bend, straightening the previous lines.

13. Now the part resembles a quadrangle, but 2 ledges are visible below. You should get rid of them. First bend up the left ledge.

14. Then, in the same way, bend the second protrusion. Insert excess parts into the folded workpiece.

15. Now it remains to give the resulting figure the shape of a quadrangular pyramid. Press down with your fingers in the right places. Flatten the paper.

16. The talisman that attracts money is ready.