Amplifier for Wi-Fi from a plastic bottle

Hello! I want to tell you another way how to effortlessly increase the communication distance with your Wi-Fi router. The idea is very simple: we will make a reflector or reflector from a plastic bottle and foil. Next, add it to the existing antenna and get a directional antenna instead of an omnidirectional one. As a result, the distance in one direction will increase.

For example: at your place the signal is excellent anywhere, but if you go out into the yard, it is very weak. Having made this not tricky device and directed to the right place, you can decently increase the distance to the object. And in your yard, garden or garden you can get stable Wi-Fi.

We clean a plastic bottle

Take a 2 liter plastic bottle and remove the label from it. We wash off the glue residue, if necessary.

Draw borders and cut out

We take a marker and draw as in the photo. And then cut out with ordinary scissors on paper. You should get this kind of scoop.

Glue aluminum foil

In order for the reflector to reflect the signal and concentrate it in one direction, we need to glue the reflector wall with aluminum foil. This can be done with plastic glue or some other, but not paper, of course. It is advisable to flatten the foil without any wrinkles.

Next, make a hole in the lid with the same scissors or a hot soldering iron. And we put on the antenna of the Wi-Fi router.

The result of the signal reflector

The result of using the reflector

In the place where I use Wi-Fi, I have a very weak signal, only 30 percent. When using such a reflector, the level increased to 76 percent! It is almost a miracle, it seems to me.

This simple hack can solve your problems without buying additional equipment to strengthen communication.

Make friends your screen and write in the comments about your results. Until.