Miniature drilling machine

Small-scale work related to the manufacture of non-serial and small products does not require the use of specialized locksmith equipment. It is enough to use a small drilling machine. In order not to spend money on its purchase, you can design and manufacture the device yourself. To save, on the one hand, and to achieve practically factory quality of the device, on the other, these are the two main advantages that can be achieved by assembling a miniature drilling machine.

A feature of the assembled design is the adjustable revolutions of rotation of the chuck with a drill. When working with materials of various hardnesses, a change in the rotation speed of the drill is simply necessary.

A special case is precision drilling. It is here that the right choice of speed is most relevant.

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As the power element of the device, the 775th motor is used. There are two options for the electric motor:

  • - for 12 V take HERE ;

  • - for 24 V take HERE .

We recommend that you use the first option, which allows you to be powered by a conventional car battery. The base of the engine is formed of wood.

Tools and materials used in the manufacture and installation of the machine

As the materials used in the manufacture of a miniature drilling machine, are used:

  • - electric motor 775;

  • - a pair of sliders (for furniture);

  • - mini cartridge used for drill;

  • - car battery (if necessary);

  • - the required footage of electrical wires;

  • - a controller unit designed for precise control of rotation;

  • - spring;

  • - a metal plate (used as a lever);

  • - heat shrink;

  • - corners for connecting perpendicular planes;

  • - the required number of screws;

  • - a special bracket for fixing the electric motor;

  • - quick-drying paint;

  • - lubricant;

  • - marker or pencil, ruler for measurements;

  • - a mug (preferably metal).

The tools necessary for the production and installation of a miniature drilling machine include the following set:

  • - electric drill;

  • - a screwdriver with variable nozzles (it can be easily and inexpensively bought in Russia);

  • - ordinary soldering iron with solder and tin;

  • - screwdriver;

  • - Bulgarian (preferably buy in Russia);

  • - pliers.

Miniature Drilling Machine Production Procedure

The manufacturing process of the device can be divided into several stages.

We prepare materials for the manufacture of the base.

For the manufacture of the base (or frame structure), you can use ordinary boards and bars. As an alternative material, verbose plywood can be used.

In the presented photograph, you can estimate the dimensions of the necessary blanks for the production of the structure. To ensure its aesthetics and comfort of work, it is advisable to subject the tree to careful grinding and painting with non-marking paints. You can use a regular spray can. Black color will be the most effective and economical.

We install the fixing part fixing the engine.

In the manufacture of a mounting device for an engine, it is desirable to secure two wooden blocks with wood screws. If there is a need to achieve maximum structural reliability, then glue for wood products should be additionally used.

On the finished part we install a bracket for fixing the engine. This can be done with 4 screws. The stiffness of the plastic bracket will be sufficient.

Installation of sliders.

For maximum reliability and durability, it is advisable to use two sliders. After disassembling, the first is fastened to a vertical stand. Fastening is carried out using self-tapping screws. The second slider is mounted on the device that holds the electric motor.

After assembling the sliders, you get a solid platform for using engine torque. The assembled platform will be able to move in a vertical plane.

When completing the work of the third stage, it is necessary to lubricate the sliders to reduce friction, soften the working stroke, as well as extend their life and operation.

Mounting the rack on the base.

For the construction of a solid foundation, it is desirable to use a wood plate: this will allow the structure to gain stability and safety during operation. As a plate, it is best to use a massive board in which holes are drilled. The stand is screwed using self-tapping screws.

Installation of the engine, cartridge.

Installation of the electric motor does not take much time: it is necessary to stock up with two screws and fix the unit. After that, the drill chuck is installed.

Mounting the lever.

For the manufacture and installation of the lever should use a narrow metal plate of the required length. At its end, a mounting hole is drilled. The lever is screwed to the rack using three nuts and one bolt. It is necessary to adjust the stroke of the lever so that it moves freely along the vertical axis (up and down).

A staple is formed from a thick wire or a non-thick metal rod, designed to transmit movement relative to the platform with the engine. The bracket is made in the form of "P" and holes are drilled under it. The bracket is mounted on the structure.

The return spring will be called to move the platform to its original (idle) state. To do this, the required size of a moderately stiff spring is measured and cut, which is attached to the lever (one end) and, using a self-tapping screw, to the base (second end).

Shrink tube in several layers can be used as a comfortable handle.

Production site.

For the convenience of drilling, a working platform is formed in which the drill will enter. You can do without it, but its presence will create comfort during work and provide partial collection of sawdust during drilling.

For the manufacture, it is desirable to use the lower part of the metal mug, which is fastened with screws.

Completion of assembly, commissioning.

After the drilling machine is ready, power is supplied to the electric motor. Installation of the controller (adjustment unit) will allow you to choose the frequency of rotation of the cartridge when drilling various materials (wood, metal, etc.).

After installing the board and connecting the power source, the miniature drilling machine can be tested. Using the device, a beam (4 cm) is easily and thoroughly drilled. Non-thick metal is also drilled successfully.

The machine is ready! It can be used at home and save decent money.

Good luck