Improvised sled

As soon as the first snow fell, it turned out that the house did not have such a necessary winter freight vehicle as a sled. Children’s sleds have long gone on a well-deserved rest to a pile of scrap metal, and they would have been rather weak for carrying heavy loads. I had to tackle the manufacture of new sleds, so to speak, household ones - stronger and more suitable for transporting goods.

To make a sled you will need

From the tools:

  • Bulgarian.

  • Welding machine.

  • From materials:

  • Pipes.

  • Plates.

  • Corners.


The railing from the old bed, which I cut exactly in the middle, will serve us as the basis for future sledges.

To lengthen the base, I will take pipes of the same diameter.

We measure out how much we need and cut it off.

The result should be two identical pipes.

In the future, we must weld these pipe segments together.

To weld exactly pipes, it is best to clamp in a vice. Strip welding spots.

And we begin to cook.

To begin with, grab, and the pat is already completely scald in a circle.

All welding work I cooked with a current of about a hundred amperes, 3 mm electrodes.

We perform the same operation with the remaining segments.

From a metal corner and a bar, I made two mounts under the sled. The distance from corner to corner is 50 cm.

We clean from rust. We weld these fasteners between two curved pipes.

Since the sled is very long, I shortened them with a grinder.

The result is something similar to a sled, but for this design there is still not enough rigidity.

From such a strip I’ll make a rope mount.

We bend it as shown in the photo, the edges are 10 cm., It is itself 50 cm long.

We insert it into the pipes and weld.

To strengthen the design, I will use the same strips, we need only two pieces.

Weld along the base.

On one side and the other.

From sections of corners, I made a seat for my grandmother.

Cut into two equal lengths.

We weld these two corners sevenfold along the base to the fasteners themselves.

Here's how it should look.

Since the sledges are TOO TOO long, I shortened them, from the back and from the front, thereby lightening the weight.

As a grandmother, I used the doors from the old nightstand.

We tie the rope, and the sled is ready.

The result is a very comfortable and durable sled, on which it is possible to carry cargo weighing up to 100 kg., Anyone can make them at home from handy materials.