Mini greenhouse for seedlings

Spring is just around the corner. And it’s time to prepare for planting seedlings. I will show how to make a simple miniature greenhouse for your seedlings, which can be put on the window. No matter how warm it was at home, the window is always cool. And so that seedlings grow faster - an excellent option would be to use a mini greenhouse.

Greenhouse container

The first thing to do is find a transparent container. I took it from cherry tomatoes. You can find any other: from cake, from cookies, etc.

Do not throw toilet paper sleeves

Empty sleeves for toilet paper or paper towels can be used as seedlings.

To do this, squeeze the sleeve and cut it in half.

Make cuts as in the photo.

Fold these petals to the centers.

Fold as in the photo and in the future the design of the cell does not decompose and will be firmly held without any gluing.

Then we fill our mini-greenhouse with cells for seedlings - only to verify that everything comes in normally.

Then we fill all the cells with soil.

At the same time, tamping a little.

Put the seeds in the ground.

And we water.

Close the greenhouse.

In order to make the climate inside more humid, the holes on top can be sealed with transparent tape.

When the days are extremely hot, the top cover can be lifted and fixed with a wooden shelf.

The use of paper sleeves is also good because after growing a sprout, it can be transplanted into the ground with this sleeve, without touching the roots that have not yet been fully grown.

As a result of such a transplant, the plant will definitely better take root in a new place.

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