The fastest and easiest way to make a knife handle

Sometimes annoying situations arise, the knife handle code for various reasons (factory defects, excessive mechanical stress) breaks. Throw away an expensive knife is a pity, but impossible to use. There is a fairly effective way to restore it on your own.

What will be needed for work

You need to have about 2.5 m of thick rope, such is sold for the manufacture of handicrafts. Prepare scissors, a lighter, tape and a piece of cardboard.

Handle manufacturing process

Remove the knife from the cover. Close the tip of the bent cardboard strip in half, firmly wind it to the knife. The protection must not slide off the blade, make sure that the length of the cardboard is greater than the size of the knife, the tip must be securely closed, your safety depends on it.

Bend the rope in half, take a knife and place a bend on the back of the top of the handle.

Tie a knot.

While tying the thumb of the right hand, constantly press the rope in the place of overlap, do not let it crawl uncontrollably. Turn the knife over. Correct the ends of the ropes.

Tie the first knot on this side. The algorithm of actions does not differ from the above: the right end of the rope is located below, and the left above. The left rope bends and is pushed into a ring, then the knot is very tightly tightened.

Turn the knife again and knit the knot on the handle. It is very important to observe the rule: in the upper position the same end of the rope is constantly, in our case the left. But it does not matter, you can always hold the right end of the rope in this position.

Stomp the handle to the very end, at the last knot cut the long ends of the rope. Set aside about 5 mm on each side.

Lighter carefully heat each end in turn, the rope should melt, but not burn.

Until the polymer has cooled, press the side of the scissors firmly onto the last turn of the winding.

Repeat with the other end. Now the ends will not loose and will not untangle.

The knife is ready to use, insert it into the case and take it with you on trips.


This type of handle can be made not only for knives, but also for a chisel and a carpentry bit, a hacksaw and a file - to any hand tools.