How to make a twisted wire from straight

How annoying are the charger wires, which are always tangled up. It is necessary to charge the phone and put the wire in the bedside table, the next time the surprise is ready - the wire is tangled.

I will show how to avoid this and make it out of the ordinary straight wire - a twisted wire, similar to the wire of old telephone sets.

This will be very convenient, because the wire itself will lengthen as it is pulled and it will fold into a kind of curl.

In this way, you can convert not only wires from chargers, but also any others, whether it be cables from a computer or from what else.

What we need?

All we need:

  • - Direct cable or wire from the charger.

  • - A thick hairpin or other steel tube, can be without thread.

  • - Cable ties - threads can be used for fastening.

Boil water

We take the most ordinary pan and pour ordinary water there. The only thing is that the pan should be so large that our hairpin fits into it and is completely immersed in water. Then put the pan on the stove. In the meantime, the water reaches a boil, we will do some simple actions.

Preparing for winding wire

Using nylon ties, we fix the end of the wire at the beginning of the hairpin. See how this is done in the photo.


Next, tightly wind the cable onto the hairpin and fasten the second end with a second nylon tie. Do not pull the wire strongly, but the load is still needed.

We cut the unnecessary

Excess pieces of screed can be bitten off with nippers so that they do not interfere. Or you can not do this, then it will be more convenient to get this design out of boiling water.

Wire heat treatment

Dip our winding in boiling water. Do not worry about the connectors, they will not be anything. But still, keep in mind that you do all the manipulations at your own peril and risk.

We are waiting for about one minute. During this time, the water should boil and simmer. After the lapse of time - we take out this contraption.

I tried to do this heat treatment with a building hairdryer. But I almost didn’t succeed. The wires eventually melted, but did not hold a twist shape. In the end, I realized that boiling is the very thing. This process is easy to control and the likelihood of a marriage is very small. Therefore, this is definitely my way.

Finished result

After boiling, we get a twist. Allow time to cool slightly. We bite off the couplers, release the cable and pull out the hairpin. Let the new curly wire dry. Next, check its work and enjoy an unusual craft. Now, for sure, nothing will get confused.

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