Simple alarm on the door

The simplest alarm system will notify you of the unexpected intrusion of an unexpected guest into your territory. It is installed on the door and is triggered when it is opened. You will need only a couple of elements and the door alarm is ready.

You will need:

  • Clothespin

  • Hot glue gun.

  • Batteries

  • Buzzer.

  • Rope.

  • Screwdriver with a drill.

    Making a simple door alarm

    We apply hot glue and glue two batteries on the sides of the clothespin.

    Using a drill, drill holes in the clamping jaws and screw in the screws, as in the photo.

    This is what happened.

    Take the buzzer. Cut off the excess and strip the wires.

    Tin-open ends.

    Tin clothespin bolts.

    Glue the buzzer on the side of the clothespin.

    Solder one wire to the battery, the second to one bolt. The red wire of the buzzer is a club, it should go to the plus of the battery.

    Like this:

    We take a wire and connect the batteries in series.

    We take a wire, add minus batteries to the remaining bolt. At the same time, the buzzer should work, since the bolts formed a contact with each other.

    Take a piece of plastic and cut a jumper out of it.

    Make a hole.

    Cut a piece of thick thread. And attach to this jumper.

    Insert the jumper into the clothespin.

    The alarm is ready, proceed to its installation. Lubricate the batteries with glue and glue to the door.

    Glue the jumper thread to the door jamb.

    Now, when the door opens, the thread will pull the jumper. The bolts will close and the buzzer will sound. Its volume is quite enough to react.

    Watch a simple door alarm video instruction