How to pickle lard in brine

Tasty lard in brine is one of the favorite foods of many people. It is used in various dishes. Today I offer an excellent recipe for its salting, according to which lard comes out very soft and aromatic.

Products for cooking:

  • - Water 1000 milliliters.

  • - Salt 100 grams.

  • - Sugar 30 grams.

  • - Pepper, sweet peas 5 pieces.

  • - Bay leaf 2 pieces.

  • - Seasoning a teaspoon of meat.

  • - Carrots are two small pieces.

  • - Garlic 3 cloves.

  • - Fat 700 grams.

Salting salted in brine:

1. Pour water into a saucepan, add salt and sugar. Add bay leaf, pepper, sweet peas, carrots and seasoning to meat. Boil the brine and cool to a barely warm state.

2. Remove the garlic from the scales, rinse and cut into plates.

3. In the meantime, the brine cools down, rinse the lard, cut into pieces and put in jars, sprinkling with chopped garlic.

4. Then pour the lard with the resulting warm brine. And put in a cold place for 3 days. It is better to store salted fat without brine in the freezer.

Bon Appetit!