Simple camping smokehouse from the pan

Personally, I made a miniature smokehouse for cooking fish on fishing. Of course, a slave can be cooked at the stake, but you can make a real delicacy out of it only with the help of this simple design.

Naturally, not only fish can be smoked in it, but also meat, sausages, sausages, etc. The smokehouse has a very modest size and will not make you any significant inconvenience when carrying it.

It is made even easier than it might seem at first glance.

We will need

  • Saucepan, preferably stainless steel. Enamelled, due to high temperatures and direct exposure to fire, is most likely not suitable. You can try to take aluminum.

  • Hot stand grill.

    All this is sold in any store utensils. I think that even in small towns this will not be a problem. But if you do not suddenly find a grate - it can be cut from a building grid. Or even make it yourself out of thick wire.

    Two options for making a smokehouse

    It all depends on the grid. If her legs are small, they can be bent, tearing off the circle, see photo.

    And just put it on the bottom of the pan. And that’s it - your smokehouse is ready.

    Option number two. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to check the pan in three places in the form of a triangle, and screw in the screws on which the grate will lie.

    Of course with bending, the option is simpler, but all individually.

    How to use?

    Everything is very simple: we wet the chips or sawdust with water and wring it out. Put on the bottom of the pan. We put a wire rack on top, and fish soaked in spices on the wire rack (salt and pepper will be enough). We close the lid and put it all on an alcohol, gas burner or on the coals of a fire.

    Smoking usually takes 10-30 minutes. And the fragrant, smoked fish is ready.

    In the conditions of a hike or fishing it is just a delicacy. Since food in the fresh air takes on a truly magical taste. Therefore, it’s worth it to spend 10-15 minutes to build a camping smokehouse.