The device for loosening the lids on the banks

Everyone uses canned goods today. Their modern version is a glass jar, closed with a tin-lid twist-off. Everyone who has ever opened such canned food knows that it is not easy to do it manually. The whole fault is the small edges protruding from the back of the covers. They are twisted into a jar, the neck of which is equipped with a large thread. When closing, the lid is screwed into a jar.

This sealing method has replaced the laborious classic seals. Agree that it is much easier. Indeed, in order to firmly and tightly close the jar, it is enough to turn the lid on the jar with a suitable thread in size until it stops. No seaming machines, everything is done by hand.

On the other hand, to open such a cover manually, without damaging its edges, not many manage to. Today's homemade product will help solve this problem - an opener for twist-off covers.

Materials, tools

For our miracle invention, we need:

  • A small segment of a wooden bar with a section of 20x30 mm;

  • Used 3 or 5 L PET canister;

  • Wooden stick for ice cream;

  • A few screws with a wide hat on wood (press washer).

Tools for work need very little - a hacksaw for metal, a paint knife, a screwdriver, a pencil and scissors. And do not forget about the most important tool in the workshop - a hammer! (where would it be without him).

Start tinkering

The main element of our opener is a wooden block. He will work with him from the very beginning. For the convenience of its processing, the author used a vise, as shown in the photo.

We clamp the bar in a vice and cut a fragment of 10-12 cm from it for the handle. For a cleaner cut, it is advisable to do this with a hacksaw for metal with a fine-toothed blade.

Next, cut one end of the finished handle at an angle of 35-45 degrees. We clean the end with a small file or file.

It should turn out just like this.

From the side of the trimmed plane, mark the perpendicular line. We use a file as a ruler, and a marker for marking.

We make an incision with a hacksaw to the middle of the bar. If the groove is too narrow. It is necessary to flare it with the same hacksaw blade or a paint knife, and modify it with fine-grained sandpaper.

Cut off a strip of width equal to our bar from a plastic canister. With a paint knife, this work can be done as accurately as possible.

It was the turn to use a secret weapon - an ice cream stick))

With it we wedge a plastic tape inserted into the gap made by a hacksaw. We knock it lightly with a hammer for reliability, trying not to split the bar at the same time. The sticking-out remains of a wooden stick are cut with scissors on both sides.

You can fix the tape on two screws. To do this, it is necessary to make preliminary holes at the place of their screwing. This can be done with a 3mm drill and a screwdriver.

We twist the screws and get a ready-made advanced invention, useful in the household. Now is the time to try it out. We cover the twist-off lid with a loop, and turn towards the cut of the bar. And lo! The can opens with little or no effort.

I think that such a kitchen tool will be useful to every housewife, because it takes up very little space in the kitchen drawer, and the benefits are simply incredible!