Simple mobile workbench

A simple mobile table is a workbench that can be made for your workshop or garage. It does not require scarce materials, it is made of wood without any welding. Thanks to use of wheels easily moves to any place.

For construction, I used pine boards 90 mm x35 mm, they are easy to find in a hardware store. If they are not, then you can use others of any size and tree. For the tabletop I used MDF boards, of course you can take others.

Workbench sides

The workbench will be sized 1800 mm by 900 mm. I will make two bearing sides, then I will unite them with crossbeams and get a table.

We mark and cut four identical boards.

These will be the supporting legs of the table. We make grooves with cuts of a circular saw at once in all boards. And then we remove the thin teeth with a chisel and get the grooves for inserting the board.

We glue on wood for reliability.


We fix with screws.

Here is the result:

We make the base and fasten the wheels

We connect our sides with guides. There are four of them.

Add two slanting bars for stability. In the future, the design will not lead to the side.

We fasten the wheels.

Turn the workbench from top to bottom. Now he must stand on wheels.

We fasten the upper part with the same four guides.

And then we add longitudinal guides so that the MDF does not bend.

Stelim MDF, table shelves turn out

By area, cut pieces of MDF boards. We lay them on the table and fasten them with screws.

Add guides for the middle shelf.

We fix everything with screws.

And we put MDF on the second shelf. And then on the third.

Bumps and burrs are cleaned.

The workbench is ready!

It can be coated with stain or other protective compound.

It’s easier to work with wood than with iron and this table is quite possible to do in one day or even faster.

Watch the video instructions for making a workbench