I don’t buy pickled mushrooms, I cook it myself according to a quick recipe in 15 minutes

Pickled champignons is a classic appetizer that will be appropriate on every table. Did you know that delicious and truly crispy pickled champignons are easy to make at home as well as purchased in a store? It only takes five minutes! A step-by-step recipe with a photo will help to create a snack as quickly and tasty as possible.


To prepare crispy pickled champignons, you will need the following ingredients:

  • champignons mini - 250 g

  • olive oil - 20 ml.

  • laurel leaf - 1 pc.;

  • vinegar - 1 tbsp;

  • water - 50 ml .;

  • allspice - 3 peas;

  • sugar - 1 tsp

  • chilli - 1/5 pcs.;

  • salt - 1 tsp;

  • dried thyme - a few twigs;

  • pepper mixture - 1/2 tsp


1. Combine vinegar in a deep container with water, laurel, oil, allspice, salt, sugar and a mixture of spicy peppers. Stir the marinade and leave for a couple of minutes to dissolve the sugar and salt crystals.

2. Add mushrooms. Stir all components and send the workpiece to fire.

Boil the mushrooms after boiling for only five minutes.

3. Grind the chilli, remove the leaves from the branches of thyme.

4. Place the pickled mushrooms in jars or a heat-resistant storage container. Add chili and thyme. Shuffle the components. Pickled mushrooms are ready to serve immediately after cooling! Bon Appetit!

Pickled instant mushrooms are a great option for a spicy appetizer for a festive table or home dinner. Champignons are very crispy, well-pickled and savory. The aroma of the appetizer immediately causes an appetite! Such pickled champignons can be used to prepare a variety of snacks, add to salads with mushrooms and sautéed. Try to cook such mushrooms and you will surely be surprised how quickly you can pickle mushrooms!


  • Yield: 1 jar of 300 ml.

  • Cooking time: 7 minutes (boiling and mixing the marinade) + cooling time.

  • Calorie content: 83.7 kcal / 100 g, BZHU - 3, 1 / 6, 3 / 3.