Plastic tube dryer

Such a dryer will be useful in absolutely every home, especially for those who have small children. Since for them you need to constantly dry the diapers and vests.

A dryer is made in 15-20 minutes from polypropylene pipes. This is not an autonomous design, it is designed to be mounted on an existing heating battery. But there is a plus here that the dryer, if desired, can be hung on all the batteries and dried on them at least clothes, even shoes.

It looks very aesthetically pleasing:

For the manufacture of need pipes 20-25 mm in diameter.

Tees and corners 90 degrees.

First you need to measure the battery. And determine how the dryer will be attached to it, since all the batteries are different, and you may have to make the design differently.

We begin soldering with a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes. You can do without such a soldering iron using a portable gas burner.

It turned out two sides of the dryer. Now they can be tried on to the battery to determine the size of the longitudinal pipes.

Now solder the middle pipes.

Ready dryer with three poles.

Before that, I made an earlier model with two crossbars.

Great for drying shoes.

Watch the video of the manufacture and operation of a universal dryer