How to make dry fuel at home

We all visit nature: we go on vacation, go hiking or simply travel out of town. Often there are situations when you need to make a fire, and there are simply not enough matches. For these purposes, dry fuel is very suitable and is popularly called “dry alcohol”. Dry alcohol is put into the army ration by the military, and for rescuers this means can be vital. Well, for experiments and modeling this is generally invaluable material.

Ready “dry alcohol” is still in demand among the people. It exists in several varieties, differing in chemical composition. However, those who use it have never disputed its convenience, despite the fact that its fumes are toxic. After all, it gives a fairly powerful source of fire, which burns for a long time. In camping and country life, these qualities are very valuable.

A variant of such dry fuel, made from simple available materials and at home, we want to offer you today. In comparison with dry alcohol, it even has some advantages. Of course, the flame from such a combustion product will not be large. But it is not afraid of dampness, since paraffin does not absorb moisture. It is easy to get it, for example, to collect the remains of candles or waste of any production. The burning duration is quite high. And its production will take only about 10-15 minutes. Go!

Essential Ingredients

  • Paraffin;

  • Cotton pads;

  • Technical tweezers;

  • Empty can of preserves.

Step-by-step recipe for the preparation of dry alcohol

The product is prepared by heating, so a gas or electric stove is needed. The workplace must be prepared for hot work.

Paraffin need a few small pieces. For those who are not in the know: paraffin is part of the "dry alcohol". We heat it in a jar of canned food over a small fire. Paraffin is a refined product, so it must be melted very carefully. Its vapors are highly flammable at only 100 degrees Celsius. Melting point - 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Bringing the paraffin to a liquid state, we begin to soak cotton pads in it. Since paraffin is hot, we use metal tweezers with a long handle for this.

We impregnated discs on a flat absorbent surface. To do this, you can simply cover the desktop with unnecessary paper.

After the paraffin has hardened, the dry home-made fuel is ready! It can be tested and set on fire by slightly breaking the disk until cotton wool appears on the surface. It is she who acts in this product as a wick in a candle, delaying the combustion process for a long time.

So, it’s very simple and quick to provide yourself with a reserve of dry fuel before a hike, a country picnic or a trip to nature.