We translate the drawing on a T-shirt, mug or smartphone cover

If you want to make a T-shirt that no one really has, then this is not a difficult workshop for you. I’ll tell you how to easily transfer any color pattern to a fabric, mug, cell phone case or other surface. For this you do not need very scarce materials and a lot of time. The whole process will take about 15 minutes.

What do you need?

The main material to buy is thermal transfer paper. It is sold in stores with consumables for office equipment. Or it is very simple to order it through the Internet - HERE .

It looks like in the photo for me, but you can buy it in another cover, the essence is not so important. All of it has a standard A4 format.

Making a T-shirt with a picture

We take out one sheet from the bundle and insert it into the printer. You need to insert the clean side without a mesh. The mesh on the back is the backing, which will then be removed. Color inkjet printer.

In Photoshop, we make the picture you need or download it from the Internet.

We print the image in mirror image.

We take a clean white T-shirt and fold it in half. Figure I will translate to the chest.

We iron the place under the picture with an iron so that there are no wrinkles.

We take the printed drawing and apply it to the T-shirt. Align. If necessary, cut off the excess edges from the paper.

Then put the iron on top of the paper. We wait a bit, then iron the entire sheet. The temperature of the iron is usually set to the middle before ironing. You can find out more precisely by reading the instructions on the cover of your paper manufacturer.

Let's wait a bit until everything cools down. And very carefully over the edge, pry off the substrate and begin to tear it off.

The pattern should remain on the fabric. Slowly Remove the backing completely.

The finished result. Exclusive T-shirt in front of you.

So she looks at me.

The picture is held up as purchased, so you can safely wash.

Transfer the image to the mug

We take a mug and print a suitable pattern, then cut out the desired size.

On a double-sided tape (ordinary can melt), glue the pattern to the mug so that it does not move out during ironing.

And then iron gently with an iron.

Peel off the backing over the edge.

The original mug is ready! Now you know how to make a great gift to your near and dear ones.

Transfer image to smartphone case

You need a clear plastic case.

As with a mug, we print out the drawing to fit the size and crop. We glue it with tape.

Ironing carefully. Here you need to be especially careful not to melt the cover itself, or to overheat it, otherwise it will lead.

It's time to peel off the backing. Everything is a bit different here with a T-shirt and a mug. To remove the substrate, the cover must be soaked in water at room temperature for 30 minutes.

As time passes, scrape the paper with your hands. Not with nails, namely with fingers, making spools.

Here is an almost finished case with an absolutely unique pattern.

The result of the translation of the image.

If you do this for your beloved friend, I think she will be delighted.

For more information, see the video - watch and make original gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Bye everyone!