Remote Control Syringe Toy Rocket Launcher

This is a very interesting and simple toy rocket launcher. Any teenager will be delighted to play with her. I personally am already quite old, and then I am happy to launch rockets from this amazing design.

The fuel for the rocket launcher are vapors of ethyl alcohol. Missiles soar into the air with a perky pop, which looks very impressive.

It will be needed to make a rocket launcher

I will make a rocket launcher of four missiles, so the following is fashionable to multiply four times. You can make one rocket.

  • Disposable syringe. I took on 60 ml.

  • Used lighter with a piezoelectric element.

  • Two-wire wire 1-2 meters long.

  • Small boards for the stand.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • Soldering iron, stationery knife, ruler and other available tool.

    Making a toy rocket launcher

    We take a lighter and disassemble it in order to pull out the piezoelectric element that generates a spark - a discharge that ignites gas.

    We take out the piezoelectric element. This is the high-voltage generator itself. Posting is one pin, and the second is a shiny cap on the bottom.

    We take a two-wire wire. It is advisable to choose with a thicker insulation.

    Connect to the piezoelectric element.

    Then we isolate everything with electrical tape or better, like me, with heat shrink.

    We take two needles from syringes. Here I want to warn you and suggest either to grind off the tip of the needles with a file or just bite off a half-centimeter of nippers. This must be done, because during the game you can get hurt.

    We connect the wires to the needles. These are the electrodes that will be inside the rocket launcher.

    We solder for reliability. But this is optional.

    We take a syringe and take out the piston.

    Remove the rubber seal from the piston.

    We make holes in the piston with a soldering iron.

    We insert our needle-electrodes into these holes.

    Fill with hot glue for sealing.

    We take a rubber sealant.

    Cut off the top with a stationery knife.

    We put on a modified piston with electrodes.

    Fill the cylinder bore with hot glue. We don’t need it anymore.

    Cut off the skirt of the syringe barrel.

    We take hard cardboard or plastic. And we cut out such rocket stabilizers from it.

    Bend a little backward.

    It takes four pieces per rocket.

    Glue to the cylinder.

    Putting a rocket launcher.

    I made four such rocket launchers.

    Cases stand for the whole thing. I took a rectangular plank and drilled two small holes in the middle of the second half. Later you will understand why.

    Next, we take the second board, but already smaller. We drill in the center a hole for wires. Glue hot glue obliquely. See the photo.

    Glue all the rocket launchers.

    At the back we fix the wires with a nylon cable tie all four wires.

    The remote control is also a plate with piezoelectric elements glued to it on hot glue.

    The missile launcher is ready.

    Getting to the game. To refuel our rockets we take perfume or cologne. We remove each cylinder and weep in it with perfumes 1-2 times and then we put the rocket back on. Inside is now an airy alcohol mixture.

    In order to launch a rocket, click on the piezoelectric element. A spark jumps inside the rocket and the mixture ignites. As a result, the rocket crashes.

    Everything is accompanied by a little cotton. The rocket flies 5-10 meters.

    More detailed instructions for assembling and testing the rocket launcher can be seen in this video.

    When making and playing, do not forget about safety measures. Although it’s a toy, you can harm yourself if handled improperly. So do not forget that all responsibility lies with you.