DIY sports nod

On the shelves of sports shops, anglers find nods for every taste: from different materials, various designs and under a wide range of masses of jigsaw puzzles. However, professional athletes make their nods on their own. Do they really not have the opportunity to purchase a branded nod? It is not at all the greed of fishermen-athletes. Correct home-made nods are really better than branded ones.

Before nodding in Mormyshing, two main tasks are set:

  • - creating the right game;

  • - high information content and sensitivity to bites.

To cope with this task can only be a nod with a perfect load. A sign of classically correct loading is a bend in the form of an arc with an angle of 90 degrees with a vertical nod. Obviously, the bend of the nod should correspond to the weight of the mormyshka. And the universal nod from the store cannot provide such a bend. You need to select a nod for the specific weight of the mormyshka. Choose the ideal nods for the 0.12 scale; 0.15; 0.18; 0.2; 0.26; 0.32 grams in the store is simply not possible. The maximum that succeeds is to choose three nods for this entire range. For some weights, they will be underloaded, for others they will be overloaded. To create the perfect balance, athletes make hand nods.

Make a nod

To make a sports nod yourself you will need special material. The best material is lavsan. You can buy it in the form of a film, or you can find a product from which you can cut a strip.

A classic example of a suitable lavsan is an X-ray film. You can also use pads from a computer keyboard or old floppy disks. I personally like X-ray film more. First, cut off the strip of the desired width from the general canvas. I use nods 6-7 cm long, this is the average range of lengths. There are athletes who use long nods of 8-9 cm, but there are vice versa short ones of 4-5 cm. This is a matter of taste. For nodding you need a trapezoidal strip with a lower base of 4-5 mm, upper - 1.5-2 mm. A conventional X-ray film has a thickness of 0.16 mm and requires grinding.

Sewing should be done not evenly, but by creating a taper in thickness. It is convenient to grind the film with a scalpel, if it is not, then with ordinary sandpaper. A clerical knife is not suitable for such a job. A nod is sewing on both sides. After preliminary preparation, a nod should be made at its end a hole for the fishing line. It is not recommended to make a hole with a hot needle, as it melts the film very much. You can make a hole without heating, and grind its edges with sandpaper.

Suspending mormyshka you need to achieve a perfect bend. The bulk of the work is done. The tip of the nod is painted with a permanent marker so that the bite is visible. If the fishing rod has a factory connector, then the manufactured nod is inserted into it. If there is no connector, it should be made independently. To do this, you need a braid from wire or cambric, which will serve as the basis for the connector and a heat shrink tube that serves as the outer shell. Cambric is chosen so that its diameter coincides with the diameter of the whip. A lavsan blank is glued onto the cambric, which is fixed on top with a heat shrink tube. It remains to make a hole for passing the fishing line and the sports nod is ready.

The photo shows a load of 0.2 grams of nodding made using the described technology.