How to make fire without matches in a workshop, forge

Almost every blacksmith knows this trick: how to make fire in the forge's furnace without matches. Everything in life happens and the absence of matches in the workplace is no exception. An experienced master will not be confused and will use this method of fire production. And not even a couple of minutes will pass as open fire will be at his disposal.

You will need:

  • Anvil.

  • Hammer or hammer.

  • Steel rod of non-hardened steel. Square or round does not matter.

All this is exactly in any workshop, and even more so in the blacksmith.

Making a fire in a blacksmith without matches

We put the end of the rod on the anvil. Hold the other end with your hand.

We strike the flattening end of the rod.

Next, turn the rod 90 degrees and strike again. Turn back and strike again. In general, we turn it "back and forth" and hit it with a hammer.

Repeat the procedure. Metal from flattening will begin to generate heat.

Everything is repeated until the tip of the steel bar turns red.

Bright red.

Then we bring the hot part to dry paper and inflate it.

Immediately a fire breaks out.

That's all. An experienced blacksmith does this in 1-3 minutes. In the old days, this method was the main one, since matches were a curiosity, and not everyone had a flint.