Jars for spices

If your spices are stored in open sachets in which you bought them, then be prepared for the aromas to mix first and then disappear. Any spices are best preserved in opaque, tightly closed containers. In order not to spend money on the purchase of special sets, you can make jars for storing spices with your own hands. Today you will learn how to turn glass containers from under baby food into beautiful containers for seasonings and spices.

To work, you need to collect:

  • 4 jars of 80 g baby food;

  • acrylic primer;

  • a brush;

  • napkin for decoupage;

  • PVA glue;

  • eggshell;

  • glossy varnish;

  • scissors;

  • a piece of foam;

  • green and yellow gouache.

Making jars for spices

Prepare the jars: wash, remove the label, dry. It is best to take the smallest, the volume of which does not exceed 100 g.

To create a texture on the surface, glue pieces of eggshell in a circle of each jar. It is firmly fixed to the glass with PVA glue.

This is how the containers look after the glue dries.

Now they need to be covered with acrylic primer. Apply the first layer with a brush.

And all subsequent layers are preferably applied to the surface with a piece of foam. So the soil will lay down more evenly.

The following photo shows jars completely covered with white acrylic primer.

The textured part of the containers is decorated with pieces of decoupage napkins with a beautiful ornament.

Do not forget about the decor of the caps. For them, cut a thin strip from a napkin.

From the three-layer paper it is necessary to separate the uppermost bright layer, apply it to the surface and coat it with PVA glue on top.

It seeps through the paper and the ornament adheres firmly to the textured surface of the jar.

A narrow strip should also be glued to the rim of the covers in the same way.

Now mix the yellow and green gouache by adding a drop of PVA glue.

Write the names of spices on the covers with the resulting paint, using a very thin brush.

After that, add more yellow gouache to the coloring mixture (so that it becomes lighter) and decorate the entire surface of the jars with foam rubber.

This is how they should be transformed as a result of your actions.

It remains only to cover them with 2 layers of glossy colorless varnish.

Spice containers are ready to use. Pour seasoning or spice into each of them according to the name on the lid, which then tightly tighten.

So your spices will be protected from moisture, sunlight and odors.

Such miniature jars will fit on any shelf, they do not take up much space and are convenient to use.

It’s not difficult to make beautiful containers for storing spices, you just want to and try a little.