Simple jack press

Very often, such a simple thing as a press is required at home and in a workshop. There are a lot of examples, starting from home cooking and ending with gluing two surfaces under pressure. I will show and tell you how to make a simple hand press from a car jack.

In my design I will use a classic diamond-shaped jack and a wooden case for the press. All this will help me create an effort of the order of 400-500 kg. If you use a metal frame, you can increase the pressure force to 1.5-2 tons. Well, if you use a hydraulic jack with a good metal body, then you can achieve a pressure force of about 4-5 tons.

Making a press from a jack

I will need four planks with dimensions of 30x15x5 cm.

In two of them, you need to cut a groove under the sliding parts of the jack. To do this, we draw with a pen or pencil the place of drilling and sawing.

With a wide nozzle drill, we make a hole of the desired diameter.

Then we cut the edges with a hacksaw or jigsaw.

As a result, we got such a groove. Smooth irregularities and sharp edges with sandpaper.

Next, we take the jack and in its sole we drill four holes for screws for fastening.

We fasten the jack to the base - one of two boards without a groove.

For the pressing sole I take a quad from the same board measuring about 10x10 cm. And iron for its lining.

We fasten the metal part to the bar.

The edges are bent.

We fasten the resulting sole to the jack to the jack, using a metal strip with two holes. It is passed through the jack and screwed to the bar with screws.

We assemble the entire frame of the press.

Fasten with screws, preferably as long as possible.

Then duplicate with metal triangles on the sides.

We cover the lower platform with a metal plate, for a more even distribution of effort.

The press is ready, you can experience it. For gluing, I will lay two bars.

Aluminum can flatten without problems. I operate the press with a cordless screwdriver. It has a reverse, which is very convenient.

A tin can is also perfectly flattened.

The toy car was quite durable.

I think the farm will definitely find the use of such a design.