Simple induction heating

Induction heating has a significant advantage over tenov. The main criterion here is the efficiency of converting electrical energy into heat. The article will discuss how to make a super simple induction heater from finished devices and parts. It will take you no more than two hours to build. With such a heater, with a capacity of about 1 kW, it will be possible to heat a room of about 30 sq.m.

What is needed for an induction heater?

  • Induction household tiles. It is not so expensive and has a power consumption of about 1 kW.

  • Radiator. I took bimetallic. The number of sections depends on the area you need to heat.

  • Corrugated metal hose - can be bought at any plumbing store. It will take 1.5 meters with a margin.

  • Fitting and couplings for connecting the pipe to the radiator.

  • A piece of copper pipe to close the circuit.

    Radiator and tile:

    Any induction hob has a power adjustment, with which you can adjust the heating temperature of the radiator.

    Corrugated pipe - water connection:

    Bend the tube like a snail or spiral. She bends easily with her hands. The circle area of ​​the cochlea should be larger than the circular heating surface on the tile.

    The main thing is not to forget to make the jumper of this circuit, otherwise nothing will work. I made it from a copper tube, soldered to the beginning and end of the spiral. Now the circuit is closed and all the induction power will be directed to heating.

    Induction boiler is ready. In fact, it consists of a purchased induction cooker and a spiral made through which water will pass.

    We fasten the circuit to the battery.

    Under the curl we put the tile.

    Pour water into the radiator. When heated, it will circulate in the system itself, an additional pump in this case is not required.

    Turn on and check. First we set the minimum power on the stove, and then, if necessary, on the maximum.

    On expensive models, you can immediately set the heating temperature and the tile itself will support it.

    I calculated the approximate efficiency of the induction heater in comparison with the heater on the electric heating elements. And it turned out that the efficiency of an induction heater is 3.5 times higher than that of a heating heater.

    For more detailed experiments and system upgrades, see the author’s videos.

    Assembly of the boiler itself.

    The choice of induction hobs. Revision.

    Connection of automation.

    Testing in a water heating system.