The simplest do-it-yourself electric bike

Electric bicycles are trending today. Even the well-known car companies, no, no, and they will present a model of a futuristic bicycle of the future, whose work is based on clean cheap energy. Well, lovers of handicrafts with their own hands also do not bypass this topic. Moreover, it’s easier to get spare parts for such devices.

Want to see what one of the budget e-bikes looks like? In this article we will not only show it, but also tell you how it is arranged and even how much you can buy spare parts for this miracle of technology.

This model of an electric bike is so simple that anyone, even a beginner, can assemble it. This is a great opportunity to test your strength in creativity and the ability to craft. Well, the reward will be a fully functional and practical electric bike based on a regular sports bike.

List of materials

  • Sports bike or regular;

  • A wheel for freight carts or mobile equipment, you can completely do it yourself;

  • DC motor for 24 V 300-350 W;

  • 12 V / 12 A lead battery - 2 pcs.;

  • Toggle Button

  • Hardware, wiring and some metal parts.

Getting started assembling an electric bike

A feature of these bikes is the lack of a rear foot brake. They provide for manual braking of the rear wheel by means of rubber pads, and two multidirectional levers in the form of an arc. Their compression comes from pulling a steel cable, connected to the handle on the steering wheel. The principle of the driving module is based on the transmission of torque from the engine to the bicycle wheel through the auxiliary wheel with a rubber coating.

Engine preparation

The engine has a regular cylindrical shape, to the body of which two metal mounting corners are welded. It is necessary to fix a wheel on the motor shaft, which will transmit torque when it comes into contact with the tire is large.

In size, it should not exceed the diameter of the engine casing so as not to overload it during operation. It can be a rubberized wheel for trucks, equipment or even furniture.

Installing the engine on a bicycle

Using plates with holes and a small piece of the board, we fix the engine to the bicycle frame on the bolts. We center it so that the auxiliary wheel has uniform contact with the tire is large.

To protect against dirt and dust in bicycles, a wing is provided, which in our case is metal. We leave it in its place, making a hole with a grinder under the device wheel.


For power batteries, the author chose inexpensive lead-free 12V connected in series, suggesting, as an option, placing them in an old bag from a laptop. It can be attached behind the saddle, on the side of our device.

We remove the wires from the batteries, connect them in series with the engine and lead to the steering wheel toggle switch. There are no speed control controllers, I pressed the button - the full voltage of 24 V was applied to the motor from the batteries. The simplest toggle switch can be fixed somewhere in a convenient place on the steering wheel.

To protect the driving mechanism of our electric bike, you can fix the metal plate on both sides of the frame.

For safety, all adhesions and contact groups should be insulated with heat shrink, hot glue or electrical tape.

This design of an electric bike is really simple, and practically does not require specialized maintenance. All you need is to charge the batteries on time, and monitor the speed on the roads, because according to the author, she can reach 35 km / h!

Watch the video test and assembly of the electric bike