Cold smoked electric smokehouse from a barrel

Control block.

I wanted to make myself a simple and large cold smoked smokehouse so that I could smoke whole sausage, cheese, chicken and turkey whole. Moreover, I wanted to do something automatic, so as not to constantly monitor the temperature and the whole process went on by itself.

Searching the Internet, I got acquainted with many smokehouses, and found a suitable design, where a heating element is used as a heat source. That design could work autonomously 12 hours in a row, and the temperature in the chamber did not rise above the melting temperature of the cheese.

Then I looked for a heating element on Ali Express and found a suitable one for an oven or barbecue. I also noticed a controller for controlling temperature with a thermocouple, for controlling a heating element.

Everything is decided: I will make a smokehouse from a regular metal barrel of 200 liters. I ordered all the components and while they went by mail, I got down to business.

Production of cold smoked smokehouse

Door marking

First you need to bring the barrel in the appropriate form. To do this, wash it and clean it of all unnecessary. You can burn the barrel with a burner, and then clean it with a brush for metal.

Next, masking tape mark where the doors will be. I will make two doors. One large at the top is for food, and the other is small at the very bottom for sawdust and coal removal.

I will cut the grinder.

But there is a trick to making it easier. To do this, make a cut on the left side of the future door. Then we drill and we fasten loops.

And after that we are already sawing the rest of the door. As a result, you will get an already clearly suspended door, exactly in the middle.

Everything opens perfectly.

Installing a chimney and chimney

We drill a hole in the top of the future smokehouse.

Screw the chimney with a flap. The barrel lid is removed and therefore there is no problem to show you everything.

The damper and chimney can be bought without problems in the store of boilers and stoves. There are many choices of different diameters.

The chimney pipe looks very beautiful.

Magnetic Velcro Metal Seals

In order to close the gaps between the body and the doors, it is necessary to make gaskets.

It will take thin metal. We mark and cut.

We fix temporarily.

We drill holes and fasten with rivets or screws with nuts.

We also attach the guide racks on which the grates with products inside will lie.

Doors will be protected against accidental opening by magnets. To do this, we install any magnets that you have in the farm in the corners.

Now the closed door will hold securely and will not open from wind or vibration.

The rack bracket looks like this:

Fastens at a small distance, given the diameter of the barbecue grill.

Try on the lattice.

We make several protrusions at different distances.

If you can’t find such gratings in the store, you can do them yourself by cutting a circle with a grinder from an elastic metal mesh. Or weave from the wire yourself.

Exterior finish

He painted the whole smokehouse with heat-resistant paint, such as the exhaust pipes and collectors of cars.

I drilled a hole for installing a thermocouple on top, so that the electronics can track the temperature.

Thermocouple itself:

The element itself is very small, and this massive metal case was made by me.

The whole set of electronics for controlling the smokehouse, namely its heating element. I bought everything here - Ali Express.

You will need:

  • PID controller.

  • Thermocouple.

  • Solid-state relays.

  • Radiator for solid state relays.

All this can be bought in a set of course, as I did.

Installed an additional thermometer in the oven. Look for HERE.

Screwed the door handles.

TEN is installed at the very bottom, though I have not really fixed it yet.

And this is a pallet for sawdust and modern pressed briquettes for smokehouses.

Smokehouse stand

The whole smokehouse is installed on a wooden stand.

On the bottom shelf is electronics.

The smokehouse is ready. Costs, in my opinion, are minimal for such a device.

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