Cold Smoke Generator

Hello! I want to tell how to make a very simple smoke generator for cold, home smoking. The design of the generator does not require much effort or time from you.

I love smoked products, and if you choose between hot and cold smoking, then my choice always lies in favor of the cold. But everyone has their own tastes. All this prompted me to create this simple craft. Although such things can be bought and finished, but I will do better and cheaper as it seems to me.

I will show you two options. Both of them use a stainless mesh. You can take metal from ordinary steel, but after the first use it will be covered with corrosion.

Now the theory of the smoke generator. Everything is very simple: the generator is just a mesh gutter bent by a coil. Sawdust is poured into this gutter. That's the whole design.

How to use? On the one hand we set fire to sawdust. And they smolder for a long time. Burning goes from one end of the trench to the other end.

The first version of the cold smoke generator

Let's get started! We take the grid and cut out the gutter as in the photo.

For molding the gutter and the distance between the sections, I used wooden blocks. The grid is perfectly cut with metal scissors.

All channels are attached to the aluminum profile with self-tapping screws.

In the end, this is what happened:

Such a generator will provide smoke for smoking your smokehouse for about 5-6 hours continuously on a single load.

It was a bit complicated design. Below I will show you how to make it simpler.

The second option is a cold smoke generator

So, first cut out the square from the grid and bend the edges.

Then we cut the partitions and screw them in a checkerboard pattern.

The result was a kind of maze for passing fire during combustion.

Despite the holes in the mesh, the fire will not cross between sections. But if this suddenly happens, it will be necessary to make double walls of the partitions.

This is a simpler design that will require less time to manufacture and the material itself.

Testing smoke generator

It's time to try out a makeshift generator. We fall asleep and light from one edge.

Photos were taken every 1.5 hours. My smoke generator worked for about 6 hours, without stopping. I think that he theoretically can work about 9 hours.

In general, I am satisfied. However, I didn’t quite like the amount of smoke. Such smoke generators are designed for a small smokehouse. For a larger volume, several such devices are required.

I hope that my experience will be useful to you. Thank you for watching! Good luck

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