Making mayonnaise is easy

Like any industrial product, a sauce called mayonnaise originated at home. Suppose that initially it was quickly stratified into component products, and therefore it was not stored for long. Today, in the presence of a submersible blender with a turbo mode and twenty minutes of free time, any housewife can prepare a chic homogeneous mayonnaise. Moreover, it will take about 5 minutes to work. The product will be obtained without artificial thickeners, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Ingredients for Mayonnaise

Grams 270-300 of the finished sauce will turn out if we take:

- 230-240 grams of vegetable (refined) oil;

- a large raw egg (or 1 small whole + 1 yolk or 1 protein);

- 1 tea l food vinegar;

- 0.3 tea l granulated sugar, fine salt like Extra and mustard powder (canned mustard).

Making mayonnaise

All products must certainly be at room temperature, and not just removed from the refrigerator.

Pour oil into a clean, dry jar with a capacity of 0.5 liter, drive an egg.

Pour sugar and salt into a jar.

Add mustard and vinegar there.

Leave the products for 15 minutes for self-reaction. After a given period of time, they begin to form a whitish coating.

At the bottom of the jar we set an immersion blender. Turning it on at maximum speed, we immediately observe the formation of mayonnaise.

Holding the jar, a couple of times lower-raise the included blender. In less than a minute, the disparate ingredients will turn into a single sauce. We store it (up to a month) in the refrigerator, covering it with a lid. Remove the crust that forms over time or stir.

After tasting homemade mayonnaise in this proportion, you can subsequently vary the number of spices and types of oil used, resulting in a more saturated or less fatty sauce.