Powerful Wi-Fi Antenna Gun

It’s easy to manufacture and very powerful like a gun Wi-Fi antenna. With it, you can receive and transmit a Wi-Fi signal not just hundreds of meters, but several kilometers!

The cannon antenna resembles the appearance of a space blaster and, like this fantastic weapon, it has directional and very powerful action.

This is a directional antenna. And it is this property that gives a large reception distance due to the high concentration of the signal in one direction.

Antenna drawing diagram

The drawing shows the dimensions between the elements of the antenna. Its resonant frequency is tuned to the middle of the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency.

To make the antenna you will need

  • Long stud with nuts.

  • I took a metal sheet, copper, as it is very easy to cut. In general, you can take tin from cans.

  • Wi-Fi Adapter. But you can connect it to an existing router.

    Making a powerful Wi-Fi cannon antenna

    Before proceeding with the manufacture of the antenna, you need to know that any deviation from the given dimensions will greatly worsen its characteristics. Therefore, everything needs to be done as accurately as possible.

    We take a sheet of metal and roughly mark the centers of the diameters of the circles. Then we drill the center. For accuracy, place before drilling with a core or walk through a thin drill and then thick. As a result, the diameter of the hole should be slightly larger than the stud.

    Then we take a compass and draw a round on metal.

    Cut the square first.

    Then we carefully cut out the circle.

    The result was circles for the antenna.

    He took a long hairpin. Cut the excess length of the antenna, given the width of the nut.

    Here is the ready-made kit for assembly.

    We collect the antenna. Everything is very simple, as a constructor in childhood.

    To control the size, I recommend using a metal ruler, since it is more accurate.

    In the last two disks, you need to make holes for connecting the cable.

    We will make a connector with a cable from an old antenna from a router or adapter.

    Remove the upper casing.

    We cut off the insulation. The antenna detached itself because it was pressed in.

    Next, solder the metal cap.

    And the connector for the connection is ready.

    We love the wheels. Copper in this regard is a great thing. Somehow I made such an antenna from the body of an old computer, so I had to tart with acid there.

    Pass the cable through the hole of the last circle and solder the shielding winding to the disk.

    Now we pass the middle core into the hole of the second disk and solder it.

    The antenna is almost ready. I will install it on the bracket from the camera. There will be such a home option.

    We fasten the Wi-Fi adapter to the output of the connector.

    You can tape it with tape or tape to the bracket.

    I will put the antenna on the window and direct it to objects where there may be a signal.

    Wow, how many networks have appeared. Although before I only caught the signal of my router. There are not many access points in our city.

    The result is amazing.


    To enhance the effect, I decided to install such a gun on the roof. But for this I need to solder instead of the connector the usual shielded cable that I use for a satellite dish.

    Let's drill a hole a little and modify the cable plug.

    We fix with electrical tape.

    We put on the roof, placing it on a pole.

    The number of networks exceeded all my expectations.


    The result was such that a antenna of the same type can be contacted without any problems at a distance of about 10 kilometers! And this is without any amplifiers and special equipment.

    With the help of such a powerful Wi-Fi cannon - antenna, you can transmit a signal to the garage, to work, to school, to the cottage. All materials are available to absolutely everyone, and everything is done very simply.

    For more detailed assembly instructions, see the video below. It also shows more extensive tests of this powerful Wi-Fi antenna.

    PS: If you make the street version, then for insulation and corrosion, the whole antenna will be nice to paint with ordinary metal paint.