Moisture-proof coating - liquid glass

I will show how to make a simple and cheap water-repellent or moisture-proof coating - liquid glass. Motorists have been using it for a long time, covering them with headlights, glass and all the pieces of their car. This coating is relevant especially in the spring-autumn season, when there is plenty of dirt on the roads.

After applying such a coating, liquid dirt does not adhere to the surface and does not linger on it for a very long time.

Will need

  • Candle paraffin.

  • White Spirit.

    You will also need a mixing container and a grater for grinding candles.

    Preparation of liquid glass

    Take a candle and chop it. For this I use a regular kitchen grater. Just rub the candle on a grater.

    The resulting chips are placed in a mixing container.

    Fill with white spirit. There are no exact proportions; everything is done experimentally. Too thick a composition is not worth doing, about two to three parts of white spirit and one part of paraffin.

    Check the composition

    Pour glass headlights with water. Glass becomes wet and water lingers. Therefore, it will also happen with dirty water.

    We rub it with a moisture-proof coating: we dab a soft cloth in the resulting solution and rub it thoroughly into the glass. Let’s dry a little. Do all the procedures necessary in the fresh air.

    Again, splashing water. And a miracle happens: the water does not even linger for a moment, but simply repels!

    Moreover, after coating, microcracks are erased and the glass becomes almost like new.

    Here is such a tricky life hack how to protect your headlights or windshield for a long time. All the ingredients, I think, can be obtained without problems in the construction and hardware stores. Well, the price will suit anyone, even the budget car owner.