Second life for an old diamond disc

A worn diamond blade on concrete or tile can be converted to a universal tool that can cut plexiglass, laminate, board, plywood, drywall and other materials. The resulting cutting disc is safe, which distinguishes it from hard-saw blades. For alteration, you only need a grinder and a drill.


  • worn diamond blade;

  • stationery glue;

  • stencil for trimming the shape of the disk.

Alteration disk

To re-sharpen the old disk did not have a runout, you need to apply the exact contour for turning. If you do not observe symmetry, then there will be an imbalance, and in the future the grinder will be tossed. It is optimal to print a stencil with the outlines of a universal disk, and turn the old circle along it.

The template can be downloaded under the video - //

From a worn disk, rust and dust should be wiped off, greased with dry clerical glue and a stencil glued. The template must be oriented along the mounting hole.

Next, a grinder with a cutting wheel protrudes the protruding parts of the disk. The remaining metal must be grinded off with a peeling disc, reaching the edges of the stencil. Since the metal is not hardened, everything is cut easily and quickly.

After shaping, you need to drill damper holes on the disk through the cuts of the stencil. It is enough to use a drill of 6-8 mm. Next, you need to trim the disk to the holes, thereby obtaining 4 teeth. It is better to kill at a small positive angle so that the formed teeth can quickly bite into the materials in the future.

To the saw blade is not clamped, it is necessary to arrange its teeth. If you plan to work only with a tree, then it costs more to breed. Optimally, if the width of the resulting cut is 4 mm wider than the cross section of the disk.

Next, you need to sharpen the teeth. An ideal angle is 3-6 degrees, like saws for transverse sawing. In this case, the edge will be more resistant to solid materials and will not be erased in a couple of minutes. If you need to dissolve the boards along, then the angle should be increased to 15-25 degrees.

The beauty of the resulting universal disc is that its teeth, although they do not hold the sharpening for a long time, but they do not fly out. If you need to file a board in an inaccessible place, then the tool is perfect. A disk can even make a selection in a tree. Its teeth are sharpened quickly, and if you put the circle in the opposite direction and saw it on yourself, then the Bulgarian almost does not jump. This is a good alternative to a purchased tool for solving small household problems.

Sawing plexiglass:

We saw and process the tree:

Particleboard and multilayer waterproof plywood: