How to remove blood from clothes

I will not tell you now about the reasons that blood can get on your clothes, this can happen for various reasons. I want to tell you about a simple and cheap way to remove blood stains from the fabric of your clothes.

This method of cleaning and removal is suitable not only for fresh blood, but also for already dried up blood.

The classic way is: you need to soak clothes with spots in cold water. But this method is only suitable if the blood has not yet frozen.

My method is not classic.

What do you need?

  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% - can be bought at any pharmacy.

  • Cold water. Refers to room temperature or lower.

    And that’s all you need!

    The process of removing blood stains from clothes

    The process is just like a day. You just wet the blood stains with peroxide. This can be done over the sink, water the spots. After this, the stain should slightly bubble into the peroxide.

    If blistering has passed, but the stain has not been removed, moisten with a new peroxide solution.

    After stain removal, rinse stain removal area with cold water.

    All blood stains should be removed. After all the procedures, put the processed item in the wash.

    In any case, fresh blood is removed much better than dried blood. Just keep that in mind.