How to make a water pump from PVC pipes

Irrigation and water supply in summer cottages is vital. Without good watering and irrigation of crops, even on fertile land, it is unlikely that anything will grow. A water pump is the main element of such a system. It automates the movement of water, turning mechanical energy into the energy of the fluid flow, designed to move it. Many use such machines in the country, and without them they no longer represent success in their field. But what about those who have not yet used such devices, and are only considering which one to apply?

Perhaps you are looking for a vertical type axial propeller pump. This device is extremely simple, and even a novice who knows nothing of technology can do it. But the benefit from it can be enormous, because it is capable of pumping water quite intensively from one place to another.

Suppose you have a storage tank with rainwater in the area into which water is collected on passive after rains. Pulling it with buckets is tiring, but moving it is not at all possible. This is where the homemade product that we consider today is useful - a simple and effective axial pump assembled from literally nothing. And this is not a typo, because the cost of its components is less than $ 10. Can't it be? We offer to make sure of this with us.

The principle of operation of the axial pump

The plastic tube is the pump housing. Inside it is an axis with one impeller, which acts as a guide for the axial flow of the pumped liquid. The propeller blades create a whirlwind like a fan, changing the pressure inside the pipe. Water from the bottom is drawn into the tube, and moves under pressure into a free side outlet.

Such single-stage rigid-vane pumps do not have dry suction and have a small allowable vacuum gauge suction height. The pump is based on a change in pressure between two different density media - water and air.

To ensure cavitation-free operation, these pumps are placed below the free level of the pumped liquid, i.e. The impeller of the pump must be constantly in the water.

We make a water pump

Necessary materials:

  • A piece of PVC pipe 32 mm, length - 35-40 cm;

  • Tee connecting PVC on 32 mm;

  • DC motor at 12 V;

  • Bicycle spoke;

  • Metal plate;

  • 12 V battery;

  • Shrink cambric;

  • A small piece of plexiglass and copper wiring.


  • Soldering iron;

  • Plumbing soldering iron or iron;

  • Hot glue gun;

  • Marker, pliers and a paint knife.

Making the body

For the pump housing we need a pipe and a PVC tee. We cut two segments 25 and 6 cm long from the pipe. We connect these pipes with a tee as shown in the photo.

Cooking the impeller axis

Mark a metal plate about 1 cm wide in the center. We make a hole for the shaft or axis. We cut the plate along the contour of the inner circumference of the pipe.

The axis of the pump is made of a bicycle spoke. Her metal is hard, the surface is corrosion resistant. On the other end, the spoke has a bend for mounting on a bicycle disc. We bite off this bend with pliers and put on it a small adapter for the motor shaft. We fix it on the spoke with solder.

We install the impeller on the axis of the pump, departing from the end 3-4 cm. We fix the impeller, soldering on both sides with a soldering iron. The blades are shaped like a propeller.

We connect the engine and collect the pump

The engine fixed in the upper branch of the tee must be isolated from water. To do this, cut out a small gasket from plexiglass to the size of the outer circumference of the PVC pipe. We fix this element on hot glue to the engine, leaving only the area of ​​its shaft open.

We put the pump axis on the engine shaft. We fix the engine through a gasket to a PVC tee on hot glue. In the lower part of the suction pipe we place a distributor from a piece of aluminum wire to eliminate twisting of the flow.

Solder the copper contacts to the engine. They can be further insulated with heat shrink. We connect the pump to the battery, and place the suction pipe in a container of water.

Now your site will not be left without watering and irrigation, because you have an excellent and powerful enough device for pumping water. Everyone can do it, and the cost of components will not burden the budget even for pensioners or beginner lovers of summer cottage!