Transformer Hanger

Do you have children? Have guests come to you? A transforming hanger will help you out and there will be enough hooks for clothes for everyone. Moreover, for children the level of hangers will be lower, they themselves will be able to hang their clothes themselves.

A transforming hanger is a great thing for any family. Very comfortable, takes up minimal space, has a modern design. To all this, it is quite simple to manufacture and does not contain scarce parts and materials.

To assemble the hanger you will need

  • Plywood, 15 mm thick.

  • 30x55x640 mm beams - 6 pieces.

  • Aluminum tube 10 mm thick.

  • Sheet 610x410 plywood or MDF.

  • 35 mm screws.

  • Hooks or device for attaching the hanger to the wall.

  • Paints

Making Transformer Hangers

The beams were sawn and painted in advance by me. Then primed with a primer on wood and painted.

Next, I cut 15 mm hooks for hangers from plywood. I did this on a CNC laser machine. If you do not have such access - do not worry. Everything can be done manually, for example, by cutting a contour with a jigsaw.

Now it's time to paint the hooks. But to keep the paint as long as possible, before painting the surface must be primed with a primer on wood.

Let the primer dry.

Then we paint with bright paint. So it will look very impressive and the hooks will be perfectly visible.

We take an aluminum tube and cut into 50 mm segments.

We drill holes in the beams with a 10 mm drill. The hole depth is 20 mm. But before that, of course, we mark everything up. In extreme beams, drilling is done on only one side.

We hammer the tube with a hammer with a rubber tip so that the board does not crack in case of something.

We install the pipe segments and the holes.

Set the hooks in place.

We assemble the first section of the transformer hanger.

The first section is ready. Check by pushing the hooks.

We continue assembly in the same sequence.

The last row remained.

To keep everything together, we attach an MDF sheet to the back wall. This sheet not only holds the entire structure, but hangers will also abut it during operation.

Mark the sheet. The sheet should not be fastened in four places as usual, but with a grid.

So that the screws twist flush, we make grooves.

We screw the screws. First on the sides, then in the center, and then everyone else.

The hanger is ready.

It looks very modern.

You can hang not only clothes, but also bags and handbags.

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