Recipe for Crucian

Any person can cope with hot crucian carp. Even someone who has no idea what fishing is, how to fish properly. But we suggest repeating a special recipe for crucian carp. Just have to follow all the recommendations and conditions so that the dish succeeds one hundred percent. Everyone who tastes these fried crucians will be surprised. After all, in the fish there is not a single small bone. And all because it was prepared and fried according to special rules.

Repeat this recipe for crucians, we advise mothers, who once again come up with what would be useful to feed their offspring. River fish is an indispensable product for the body of growing kids. Do not worry that at the time of eating the crucian bone gets stuck in the neck. In addition to large costal and spinal, a child will not find a single bone.

Believe me, not a single chef can cook better river fish. And all because he does not own the unique secrets from this recipe for crucian carp. Let's start cooking, to serve this amazing and delicious dish for dinner!

Pickling time - 30 minutes, frying - 20 minutes.


Essentials for 6 servings:

  • fresh crucian carp - 6 pcs.;

  • corn and wheat flour - 2 tbsp each. l .;

  • semi-sweet white wine - 1 glass;

  • salt, ground pepper - it tastes.


1. First we clean the Karasey from the scales, gutted and washed. Especially scrupulously washed inside the fish. Put crucians in a large bowl. Pour the norm of wine, mix and, sealed with a film, leave for half an hour. Every 5 minutes, we will shake the fish in the bowl so that it is evenly soaked with a wine bouquet.

2. After the wine, we’ll wet the fish with napkins, put it on the board. With a sharp knife, starting from the tail itself and moving along the ridge to the head, we make notches. It is important that the cuts are located close to each other. We will perform a similar manipulation by turning the crucian over, on the other hand.

3. Salt and pepper the crucian carp. After 5 minutes, you can start frying fish. Mix wheat and corn flour.

4. Put a frying pan with vegetable oil on the stove. While it is warming up, dip the fish in breadcrumbs and put it on a roasting pan.

5. First, fry until golden brown on one side.

6. Gently turning over, fry crucian carp on the other side.

7. After frying, remove the fat from the fish with a napkin. Now you can serve and serve refreshments.

Cooking tips

1. To cook without bones, relying on this method, you can any river fish, except for pike. You should always be careful with the predator while taking the sample.

2. Fry crucians on medium heat. In this case, do not pour a lot of oil on the roasting pan, otherwise the fish will turn out to be tasteless and oily.

3. It is important that the distance between the notches is about 1 mm.

4. You can soak crucians in dry wine. In this case, the fish will turn out with a tangible and pleasant acidity.