Tape cutter for plastic bottles

A plastic bottle is probably the most common craft material. Brushes and brooms made from such bottles are especially popular.

To make a brush or brush, a plastic bottle must first be cut into ribbons. The process is very laborious if done manually.

I suggest you make a simple device for cutting bottles into ribbons.

Will need

  • Wooden block.

  • A pair of nails.

  • Blade from a clerical knife.

    Making devices for cutting plastic bottles

    We take a wooden block.

    Draw in the middle.

    Sawed with a hacksaw along the drawn trace. A bottle will be put on this groove.

    Then mark the longitudinal lines. They will install a blade. So that you can cut the bottle into noodles of different widths, we make several grooves for installing the blade.

    In depth, we make a cut to the width of the blade from the clerical knife.

    Grind all the grooves with sandpaper.

    We hammer in two nails and bend them. Like this:

    We insert the blade into the desired groove and fix it with nails.

    We cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle and put it on our new device. Cut the bottle into tape.

    Everything is cut very easily and simply. Fold the tape into a roll.