How to make homemade ice cream simply and tasty

With such a legendary delicacy, each person has his own memories. But a classic ice cream may seem too boring. Therefore, so many recipes of various desserts were invented based on this dairy product, beloved by everyone. This dessert is the magic of tastes and textures! The viscous and viscous layer outside, the ice center and the liquid shell, which includes all the taste buds, give us a feeling of unprecedented bliss. Of course, ice cream is a bestseller regardless of the season. Moreover, taking the standard ice cream recipe as a basis, you can improvise with components for every taste and create unique author's culinary products.

Homemade ice cream in addition to impeccable taste, prepared with a soul and a special approach, can bring pleasure to the whole family. The indicated culinary masterpiece can please not only relatives, but also colleagues or friends. This sweet delicacy can be made from the simplest ingredients, adding everything you see fit. An important point - ice cream can be prepared not only by hand, but also with the help of an ice cream maker with high productivity.

Making homemade ice cream

Let's get down to the details. To prepare this sweet creation, combine in a deep bowl the yolks (6 pcs.) With sugar (50 gr.) And stir until visual uniformity.

In a small saucepan we combine the condensed milk (300 g.) With the same amount of pasteurized milk, fat cream (375 g.), Natural vanilla extract (in the amount of 20 g.), Put on the stove, heat until steam and density appear, then carefully pour into the yolk mixture, actively stirring with a flat spatula.

So that the yolks do not coagulate, we do not make too powerful a fire, we pour out not the whole mass, but only half the liquid into the resulting melange. After that, add elite cocoa powder (30 g.), Then again thoroughly mix all the components to a homogeneous viscous consistency. An excellent guide to the readiness of the cream, when behind the shoulder blade there is a clean mark at the bottom of the pan.

At the next stage, cool the melange. To do this, put the pan with the mass on the wire rack or pour it into a stationary mixer, whipping the cream at minimum speed. Next, add a little salt, again slowly stir the elements with a silicone spatula, then move the mixture into the ice cream maker, set the “Operation mode” and start the cycle. Or pour the resulting mass into sealed containers, and then completely freeze in the freezer.

At the final stage, decorate the top of the finished dessert, depending on personal taste preferences and wishes, immediately serve it to the dessert table with cappuccino or some other hot drink. Such an original and unrealistically delicious dessert will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

Cooking recommendations

  • Now consider a few practical and useful recommendations that are relevant at this stage.

  • Firstly, the milk mass should not be too hard, sufficiently homogeneous and chilled (something between the ice and the liquid).

  • Secondly, in order to obtain such a consistency, the delicate base for ice cream should be constantly interfered, otherwise ice crystals will form, the mass will not solidify evenly.

  • Thirdly, use for this purpose any ice cream maker that simultaneously mixes the hardening mass and freezes.

So cook and enjoy, treat your favorite people in the heat with something cool, create something new, don't be afraid to be original. Bon appetit and successful experiments!