Epoxy keychain

A stunningly beautiful keychain or pendant can be made from ordinary wooden slats and epoxy. This simple technology will allow you to create an absolutely unique and magical thing that you definitely can’t buy in stores.

It will be required to make a keychain

  • Two-component transparent epoxy resin.

  • Wooden rail.

  • Dye for resin.

    Well, also other materials on the little things, see below.

    How to make an epoxy keychain or pendant

    Take a suitable sized wooden rail. It is better if it is stale, aged by time. Although the new one can also be used.

    We clamp the rail in a vice and break it into two parts with a hammer. This is necessary in order to create an interesting relief on the edges.

    Next, take a thin plexiglass and make a frame for pouring from it.

    Temporarily glue with super glue to the edges of the rail.

    We glue all the joints with hot glue.

    Please note: the quadruple - there is no upper side. But for the epoxy to have a level slightly higher (for further processing), we make the edges along the edges with hot glue.

    We glue everything tightly.

    Cooking the resin. To do this, mix the components in the proportion specified in the instructions for the epoxy resin. To accurately determine the proportions, it is good to use digital scales with an accuracy of tenths of a gram.

    Add dye. I chose green. You can use any other.

    Mix everything thoroughly.

    Pour the mixture into the body of the future keychain or pendant. Level pour to the sides of hot glue.

    We leave to harden the resin for the time specified in its instructions for use.

    We unstick the plexiglass. So that he better departs, we heat its sides with a manual gas lighter.

    The result is already interesting.

    We proceed to the processing. Saw off the excess parts of the rack with a hacksaw.

    Grind the edges on a tape machine. Of course, this can also be done manually using large sandpaper.

    We grind the wooden parts, giving them the desired shape.

    To ensure that the edges are perfectly flat, you need to sand them with fine sandpaper on a flat table.

    Now polish. Here you can use car polish or other paste. You can also use dry polishing with a special napkin.

    Here's what happened. Everything is transparent and there is no clouding.

    Drying oil cover the wooden parts of the keychain. You can of course use varnish or another coating for wood.

    We drill a hole and install a hook for the suspension.

    The result will meet your expectations at 100%. It looks just magical and wonderful, especially considering that it is an ordinary piece of wood.