Knife for cutting tape from plastic bottles

Bottles of drinks today can be found anywhere. From food containers, they often turn into garbage, littering public places - parks, beaches and other places of recreation. However, some people find them to be of particular use, considering them far from garbage. How do they do it?

One of the most common uses for plastic bottles is turning them into tapes of varying widths. This trend has become so popular today that it has turned this semi-finished product into a separate material for creativity in various fields of human life. It is simply inconceivable that they propose to make master craftsmen of them. Even designers of clothes, handbags and accessories, and those who have the skill to use PET tape in their creations.

If you have creative ideas, this material will undoubtedly inspire you and help you realize the most incredible ideas. It is not difficult to make such a tape with a special device - a knife for cutting the tape. How to do it in a few minutes, we will show you today.

And all we need is a plastic bottle cap and a paint knife! How is this possible? Let's take a look together.

Putting a knife cutting plastic bottles into a ribbon

To begin with, unscrew the cap from the plastic bottle, and make a cut from its sides with a small paint knife. They must be made oppositely directed. Cutting them to the base or bottom of the lid, bend it in the middle.

Approximately in the middle of the remaining bottom area, we make a through cut with a knife. This must be done on both sides of the bend line.

After bending the cover, we pass the tip of the knife blade into the incisions made. The blade should be threaded through the cover approximately 15-17 mm.

Then we take an empty PET bottle, and cut off its neck. This is easy to do with ordinary scissors.

To keep the base of the bottle still, we use a glass ashtray to fix it. It is heavy and will not allow the base of the bottle to walk from side to side.

To obtain the tape, we make an incision on the upper edge of the bottle with a knife blade. We pass its place of bending, and pull the resulting tape from under the knife. By smoothly moving the knife along the edge of the bottle, we get a clearly calibrated tape, the size of which varies from the indentation of the blade of the knife to the bend line of the lid.

The bottle is thus processed to the very bottom, leaving only a small relief part of the bottom untouched.

In such an unpretentious way, you can easily and simply get great material for new creative ideas. After all, it is much better than throwing these bottles away, turning them into practically non-degradable garbage!