How to cut a bottle in half (lengthwise)

Glass bottles and cans are an excellent material for home-made people, from which you can make something new and unusual. For their processing, as it turned out, it is not necessary to use mechanical means. For example, I will show how to cut a bottle along an electric shock.


What you need to cut the glass:

  • Spray bottle filled with plain water.

  • A piece of asbestos or other heat-resistant or refractory material, for example - paronite.

  • Packing gum - can be bought in stores with stationery.

  • A piece of nichrome wire - can be obtained from almost any electric heating device.

  • A power source capable of delivering 30-40 V and a current of 3-4 A.

  • Well, actually the object of cutting itself is a glass bottle.

Cut the bottle in half

First you need to properly straighten the nichrome wire, since the evenness of the cut edge of the bottle depends on its evenness. We unwind the spiral, if before that you had nichrome in a spiral.

Now you need to wrap the bottle with this wire and fix it with rubber flagella. In fact, nichrome wire is the future line along which the bottle will be cut.

We fix the passage of the wire in several places.

We prepare asbestos: cut or break into small pieces.

Then we put these pieces under the gum on all sides. This must be done so that when heated, the wire does not damage the rubber flagella. In principle, if there is no asbestos, then it can be replaced with wooden slats.

In the neck we push a lump, thereby pressing pieces of wire from the inside of the neck of the bottle.

The neck of the bottle is generally the problem part, since the glass is thicker there. The bottom of the bottle is also a problem area. Therefore, in order to press the wire to the bottom, it is necessary to put the bottle on a ledge made of a piece of asbestos.

When everything is prepared, we connect an electric current to the ends of the wire. Variable or constant does not matter. Voltage will need approximately 36 V and current 3-4 A.

We connect. The wire begins to turn red. We are waiting somewhere 30-60 seconds.

We turn off the source and spray it from the bottle intensively into the places where the wire touches the glass.

At this time, you should hear a loud click - it is a cracked bottle.

Remove all the gum carefully. And the bottle itself is decomposed into two even halves.

In this way, you can cut not only a bottle, but also a glass jar. And not only along, but reproach, and as soon as your soul pleases.