Easy way to unscrew the grinder nut

A quite common problem for those who use a grinder is a angle grinder, a cutting disc breaks and tightly clamps the clamping nut. And the most interesting thing is that sometimes it is almost impossible to unscrew the nut either with a special angle grinder or with a gas wrench, or something else. And if you manage to do it, then it takes tremendous effort and time spent. I will show you a simple way to save your time and effort so that you can unscrew this grinder nut without unnecessary difficulties.

A simple way to unscrew the nut of the grinder

To unscrew the nut, first of all, it is necessary to break the remains of the broken cutting disc under the root.

This can be done very simply with pliers. Do not forget about the protective equipment: glasses and gloves, as various small splinter flies.

The result should be this:

Now we need to find a piece of metal that will be thinner in thickness than the disc of the grinder.

Turn on the angle grinder and with this piece we grind the rest of the disk between the nuts.

After everything has been machined inside, the nut is unscrewed not only with a key, but even with your hands.

Here is such a very simple and very fast way. In addition, it is safe for the bearings of the grinder, since if the nut does not loosen, most people immediately take a hammer in their hand and start trying to unscrew the nut with tapping.

What to do to prevent this from happening again?

In order to no longer fall into this situation, you can put a plastic, paper or cardboard washer under the nut before clamping a new disk. And in this case, the nut can always be unscrewed without problems.

Cutting stones or discs are not always able to find the proper quality and therefore their fracture is becoming a frequent problem. Of course, the human factor of improper exploitation is not excluded. But now, if you are in a similar story, you know what to do. See you soon!