Powerful penetration lubricant

The penetrating lubricant, which will be discussed, at times surpasses the most common WD-40, which everyone loves to use when unscrewing old, rusted bolts and nuts.

Very often, when trying to unscrew a rusted threaded connection, we fail and the bolt breaks. This is not so bad if it is freely accessible and easy to replace. But our life is not without irony and, on an evil occasion, scrapping occurs in the most inaccessible place. Or the place where the pin breaks under the root and in addition to drilling a hole, there is no other way out.

To avoid such cases, or to minimize this result, we developed our own lubricant.

Everything was learned empirically.

The first recipe for powerful penetrating lubricant

This option is great for heavily rusted parts.

The composition is as follows:

  • White Spirit - 50 gr.

  • Dry lubricant, Forum type - 5 gr. Another is also suitable - graphite, molybdenum, etc.

  • Rust converter, such as Zincar, Zincor, etc. - 50 gr.

    Penetration grease manufacturing

    Pour white spirit into the container.

    Then add dry lubricant.

    And rust converter.

    Mix everything well and pour into a spray bottle.

    Testing on a friction machine.

    The result is such that the machine shaft could not be braked with a lever load of more than 11 kg! Although the purchased WD-40 made the shaft stop at 4 kg of applied force.

    Now we will test a home-made penetrating lubricant in real conditions. Clamp the rusty stud with a bolt in a vise. Drizzle with grease. The reaction will be immediately visible, since the rust converter is included in the composition, which will react to corrosion.

    And in the end, the nut is very easily unscrewed.

    The secret of such a lubricant is simple: a rust converter corrodes rust, white spirit promotes good penetration, and solid lubricant has a good lubricating effect. As a result, our goal is achieved - the nut is unscrewed, the stud is intact.

    But this miracle has lubrication and its drawbacks: it must be shaken every time before use. Also, dry lubricant particles may clog in the spray nozzle.

    Well, it is advisable to make such a composition in small quantities and only before use, since properties, after prolonged storage, in my opinion, are significantly lost.

    Second-hand DIY powerful penetrating grease recipe

    The second composition is more stable and is designed to drastically reduce friction in threaded nodes when they are untwisted.


    • Thinner white spirit, 646 - 50 gr.

    • Water-resistant grease, graphite, type Zelenka - 5 gr.

    • Prolong anti-friction additive - 10 gr.

      Add grease to the mixing vessel.

      Then pour the solvent.

      Mix until the grease is completely dissolved in the solvent.

      Add an additive.

      Again, mix well and pour into a spray bottle.

      Benchmark with WD-40

      Clamp the rusty bracket with nuts in a vise. Initially sprinkle WD-40. We make a revolution so that the grease gets into the thread. Next, we take a torque wrench and measure the force.

      The initial force without lubrication is 56 N / m. With the WD-40, the force was just over 42 N / m. Lubricant from its own composition showed a force of much less than 42 N / m. But it was not possible to measure below, since the key does not allow - the scale has ended. But according to the sensations, the effort applied to unscrew is substantially lower.

      As you can see, such home-made lubricants work perfectly and easily surpass existing purchased analogues. So friends, make your composition and you will forget about the broken bolts and keys!

      For more detailed production of lubricants and detailed testing and recommendations, see the video clip.

      Video author: Denis MECHANIC