Tool holders

Holders that are very easy to do for yourself make life very cool. Hanged at various levels, above the desktop, the entire tool is always at arm's length. The search takes a minimum of time and effort.

It seems to me that every craftsman or craftsman should have such a storage design for the right tool.

Making tool holders and organizing a workplace

3D model of the future workplace. Of course, it is not necessary to do it, but I love accuracy in everything.

Two identical holders for keys, screwdrivers, files, etc.

I laid out the tool in a ruler to figure out what the distance between the cells for the tool is.

I took the distance with a margin. Then I drew the rail into squares - these will be just the cells under the tool.

Then I measured the outer diameter of each tool, I added one millimeter to the distance so that everything would fit into its nests without problems.

I drilled the necessary holes deep in the middle of the rail.

That is, the thickness of the tree I had was 20 mm, and the depth of the non-through hole was 10 mm, respectively.

Now measure the inner diameter of each tool and add half a millimeter.

We drill internal through holes.

I turned the board over and drew two lines for each hole.

Adjust the blade height.

Carefully make cuts.

Then we grind all sides so that everything is smooth.

Internal planes can be sanded with soft sandpaper.

In order for the tools to enter easily, I made the grooves a little wider.

It's time to varnish with the color of the stain.

We give a day to dry.

Then we install and arrange everything according to a pre-designed template.

And the mess is turning into order!

Holders for squares.

Stand for drill set.

Hole saw holder.

They are made this way: a hole is drilled at an angle of 45 degrees and a round rail is inserted.

Other various holders.

As a result, we got such a beauty that only a real master can appreciate.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

See the video for detailed instructions.