Simple tool hanger in the garage

Order is a very important thing. It significantly saves your time, since everything is in place and it almost takes no time to find the right tool. Also, order in a garage or barn saves space, since everything is harmoniously neatly in an optimal way. I will show how to make a very simple and quick hanger for garden tools.

Making a simple tool hanger

We take a board and saw off two identical pieces about 30 cm long.

Screw the long screws into one end. There must be two screws, they must be spaced apart. This is necessary for the reliability of the design.

We screw these segments to the beam. I hope you have similar load-bearing wooden beams in a garage or barn. If not, it doesn’t matter: we take a square beam and screw it first to the wall, and only then we attach segments of boards to it.

The tool hanger is ready. The tool is kept suspended.

Now all the rakes, shovels, panicles will not roll in the corners, but will be neatly in place, occupying a minimum of space.