Mini gas cylinder stove

Food prepared in the open air always turns out to be much tastier, as it seems to me. I really like to cook in the garden and for this I made a special mini stove. It turned out to be much better than the purchase and has a beautiful view.

Making a gas cylinder furnace

We take a small gas cylinder, naturally empty. We open the valve and release the remaining gas. Everything needs to be done only outdoors.

Further, it is absolutely necessary to fill the cylinder with water so that the remaining gas escapes. This action must not be skipped for safety measures.

Then, with the help of masking tape, I measured the strip along which the door will be cut. I drilled holes for the hinges and already cut out the door.

In the lower part of the cylinder, I drilled large holes for air supply at the time of combustion.

Attached the door to the hinges, screwed the bolt to lock. I made a cutout from the top to weld a thick and even plate. Thanks to which the heating will be even and it will be possible to put a pan or pan on it.

Weld plate. I make a chimney from a square profile at an angle.

In order for the oven door to close more tightly, steel strips were welded around the door perimeter.

Of the thick rods, a grill was welded inside. Firewood will burn on it, and ash will fall through the grate down to the bottom of the stove.

It was decided to make a narrow window in the door to make it pleasant to observe the process of burning wood.

For elevation, welded legs from pieces of profile. I cleaned all surfaces before painting, removing old paint.

Painted with fireproof, refractory paint. This is used by motorists to paint the exhaust manifold of their cars.


Here is such a beautiful stove in the end. It looks very cute and attractive.

Cooking is very nice. Its miniature gives big advantages. For example, it can be transferred anywhere without unnecessary problems.

To clean the bottom of the ash is very simple, just tilt it and all the ash spill out.

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